Saffron from Mund

Saffron from Mund

Saffron from Mund

What for Paris the Eiffel Tower is,
the Leaning Tower for Pisa,
wine for the Welsch,
the Matterhorn for Zermatt,
Saffron is for Mund

Saffron is a remarkable plant, which by ancient medics was even called “the Queen of Plants”, because of its diverse range of uses and high level of recognition.

The fact that, from all the places in Switzerland, this purple flower has survived all this time only in Mund, is a special mark of quality for Mund.

The Saffron Trade Guild

The “Pro Saffron” committee, which was founded on 5 January 1979, prepared the grounds for the founding of the Saffron Trade Guild. On 4 May 1979 the Saffron Trade Guild was founded.

According to article 2 of the statutes, the aim of the guild is “the conservation of the saffron plant in Mund and the cultivation of comradeship and sociability.” Under article 3 of the statutes, every natural and legal person can become a member of the guild, as long as it is approved by two thirds of the members who are present at the general assembly. The guild not only accepts land owners, but also other people, who are willing to support the Saffron Guild.

The guild council takes care of current business throughout the year. Once a year, on the second Sunday of November, the members of the guild gather for the general assembly. The general assembly is always an important social occasion, during which the guild serves saffron risotto to every member, as well as saffron bread. Today, the Saffron Guild has 216 members, 116 of whom are growers.

The guild offers guided tours and slide shows throughout the year. Paula Jeitziner is the contact person at +41 (0) 27 923 50 08.

The Saffron Museum

Since 13 October 2007, the offering of the Saffron Village Mund has one more attraction: The Saffron Museum lets people experience history and the present, because today saffron is cultivated the same way, as in the past.

Guest learn everything about the “Red Gold”. How are saffron and rye cultivated? Why is rye grown on saffron fields? What is a “Breithaue”, and what is it used for? How is the harvest made, and what happens to the saffron after the harvest? How much love, patience and hard work is behind each saffron flower?

The Saffron Museum is located in the Zehntenstadel stable from the year 1437 – one of the oldest wooden building in Switzerland. Even the museum building is an exhibit of culture and invites you to be amazed. The cultural association Pro Saffron Village Mund has designed and implemented the Saffron Museum. It was financed from the proceeds of the Heimattagung meeting in 2001. Through the support of the community, a venerable building could be preserved.

The Saffron Museum is a place of encounter and exchange. Experience culture and discover the secrets of saffron.

If you let us know in advance at 027 923 53 42, or 079 712 27 72, we will be happy to give you a tour of the Saffron Museum.

The cultural association Pro Saffron Village Mund would like to thank the community for its support and trust, the volunteers for their help, and is looking forward to present the first Saffron Museum in Swizerland to the public.

Support our cultural mission and become a member of the cultural association Pro Saffron Village Mund. The membership fee is CHF 30.00.


Cultural Association Pro Saffron Village Mund
3903 Mund

Opening times in October during the saffron harvest:

Wednesday:   10:30 – 12:00
                          14:00 – 16:30
Friday:              14:00 – 16:00
Saturday:         10:30 – 12:00
                          14:00 – 16:30
Sunday:           10:30 – 12:00
                          14:00 – 16:00

Opening times throughout the year:

Of course the Saffron Museum is also open on request for groups of 10 or more throughout the year. We would like to ask you to make a booking in advance.

Bookings and information at 079 409 35 36

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