The History of the Junkerhof

The Junkerhof was developed from a late medieval “fortified house” from the 14/15th century. It is still unclear how the name originated. The building received its present shape in the 17th century, when it was expanded southwards with a stone “Nahüs” (rear building), and the staircase tower.
In 1675, the former wood chamber axis on the western side was replaced with a stone one, and the woodwork was dressed with stone walls. However, you can still recognize the original wooden construction of the building. In 1973, the municipality of Naters purchased the whole building. The Junkerhaus gained national significance during the European Architectural Heritage Year of 1975, and received federal and cantonal subventions for its restoration in 1975/76. In the same years, the municipal administration moved into the building.

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