The Naters Parish Church

an eventful (architectural) history
The church was inaugurated in 1675, in honor of St. Mauritius. The cloister leads to a richly gilded main altar (1667), with a beautiful depiction of the last supper by Hans Studer. The side altars form an impressive front for the closing of the sanctuary and opening of the nave. The baroque cross altar (1683), inside on the right, was contributed by an Italian sculptor, while the St. Sebastian altar opposite was carved by Johann Ritz from Selkingen. The trinity altar, outside on the left, as well as the rosary altar, outside on the right, were modified during the restoration.
In front of the left side altars, a magnificent pulpit rises. Since the new liturgy, it is rather a museum object, because the Word of God is announced from the altar. The mighty church organs stand on the matroneum. Through the hands and feet of a virtuoso, the church becomes acoustically filled with music, that creates a sublime whole.

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