Glacier Tour

Adventure on the Eternal Ice of the Aletsch Glacier
The glacier tour begins on the Belalp plateau. At the Hotel Belalp you can see the glacier and the goal for the first time – the Riederfurka, which lies opposite. The enjoyable, slightly ascending and descending hike to the glacier edge at the Oberaletsch gorge takes around 3 hours. There, you descend past the Tällihut and across the small Driestbach gorge to the actual edge of the glacier. Here you should rest well, because the highlight of the tour follows – the crossing of the Aletsch Glacier. Your mountain guide will secure you with ropes and will lead the way knocking steps into the ice with an ice pick, so that the steeper section can be comfortably crossed. You will find out a lot of interesting things about the glacier during this one day tour: how is a medial moraine created? Why does the ice flow? What do glacier fleas eat?

After the crossing, the 1 hour long ascent to the Riederfurka through the Aletsch Nature Reserve follows.

When you reach the Riederfurka, you can quench your thirst with a cool beer on a sun terrace. Simply unforgettable!


Belalp Alpine Centre
3914 Blatten

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