Winter Hiking Trails

Hiking Day Passes:  Belalp Bahnen, in cooperation with PostBus Oberwallis, offers a hiking day pass for snowshoe hikers and hikers. The ticket includes the PostBus on the route Brig – Blatten, the cable car Blatten – Belalp, as well as the chair lifts. You can get the tickets at the post office in Naters, or at the Belalp Bahnen ticket counter in Blatten.  You can find the current prices here.

Alpe Bel – Aletschbord


In 30 minutes from the mountain station to the Alteschbord plateau, or in 20 minutes to Alpe Bel, while enjoying the view of the Valais Alps.

Alpe Bel – St. Antoniuswald


From Alpe Bel, it’s about a 60-minute hike with snowshoes through the snow-covered St. Antoniuswald forest to Tschuggen. From there, the way continues over the valley run to Blatten.

Blatten – Egga – Holzji – Belalp

In Blatten, you take the road towards Weiler Egga. From there, it takes around 35 minutes to reach the wildlife observation post “Holzji”. With a spectacular view on the Aletsch Glacier, you will hike up to the Aletschbord. The complete hike takes about 2,5 hours.

Hohbiel – Bruchegg (Attention: high alpine trail!)

After a comfortable ride on the Sparrhorn six seater chairlift to Hochbiel, you can enjoy the 60-minute hike back to Bruchegg with a clear view of the 23 kilometer long Great Aletsch Glacier and the breathtaking Valais mountain scenery. The ascent from Bruchegg to Hochbiel requires around two hours.

The hiking trail is closed.


From the Belalp Bahnen valley station in Blatten (1327 m), you take the road towards the Heimat restaurant. After about 400 meters, you reach a turn, where the trail continues into the Rischinerwald forest. There, the snowshoe hiker will be welcomed by a beautiful roundtrip via Stalden through slightly rolling terrain. This trail is also great for a snowshoe trip with the whole family.

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