Snowshoe Tours in the Alps

Snowshoe hiker

Snowshoe hiker

Through the Winter on Quiet Soles
Experience fascinating snowshoe tours in our lovely alpine winter wonderland. Glide through stunning winter landscapes deeply covered in snow. Take a short break here and there, and let the spectacular view of the majestic 4000 meter high peaks sink in.
You can go on snowshoe tours on the Belalp plateau and in the saffron village of Mund.

Our Tip: Adventure snowshoe tours are best topped off with Fondue and Fendant, and a Schnapps to boost the digestion.

You can find the suitable brochure here.

Would you like to be accompanied by an experienced hiking guide? Here you can find the contact details to our mountain guides.

Please be considerate of our wildlife and forests!

Snowshoe tours are becoming more and more popular. This also causes rising pressure on wild animals in the forests. For the safety of sports enthusiasts and the protection of animals in the forest, you can learn more at

Rules of conduct in the forest

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