Belalp luggage delivery services

Combined transport Belalp winter

Your luggage will need to be reloaded twice. Because of this we would like to ask you to pay attention to the following:

  • All transported goods must be packed appropriately in suitcases, travel bags, boxes, bags, etc. You can ask our staff in Blatten for ski bags and/or ski boot bags.
  • Loose travel items will not be transported and we cannot take responsibility for items lost during transportation.
  • On the Belalp plateau, skis and ski poles are transported along with the luggage. When you travel by cable car, skis should be carried personally (except for short skis).
  • The snowmobile on the Belalp can load up to 200 kg. If the load exceeds 200 kg, an additional delivery will be charged.
  • Luggage carts can only be loaded up to their edge / 200 kg.
  • Hand luggage weighing up to 20 kg per person can be carried personally on the cable car, or gondola lift.  

Each passenger is entitled to carry up to 22 kg hand luggage on the cable car/gondola. If the weight of the hand luggage exceeds 22 kg the following guidelines apply:


23  -  32 kg:   CHF 12.-
33  -  42 kg:   CHF 15.-
43 - 200 kg:   CHF 22.- / Luggage Cart


The above rates are only applicable for personal luggage and not for goods transports.

Luggage collection point

The luggage is generally delivered to / picked up from the luggage collection spot. When the piste conditions are good, it will be deposited directly on the road next to the appropriate chalet. Should the conditions be bad during the return transport (new snow), we would like to ask you to deposit the luggage at the collection spot, or directly on the road next to the appropriate chalet. 

The return transport must be booked at +41 (0)27 921 65 14.


Luggage and cargo delivery summer

We will also be happy to make deliveries to your chalet in the summer season on working days between Monday and Friday. The delivery to the chalet will be made in the morning at 07:30. The return delivery can be made at 13:00 and at 16:30. Please note, that all return deliveries must be booked until the evening before. Please also note the opening times and make the booking on time.

Booking: During summer, all deliveries and return deliveries must be booked no later than the evening before. You can reach us during opening times at +41(0)27 921 65 10, or

You can find the schedule and opening times of the ropeways here.


The Belalp Bahnen AG disclaims any liability for damages due to improperly packed cargo.

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