Meteo Dynamic Tickets


Cloudy with chance of discount

Meteo dynamic tickets will be available again in winter 2019/20.
The weather determines the price of the day ticket at the Belalp cableways.
The basis for this is the weather forecast for "Hohbiel" at the Belalp cableways, which SRF Meteo forecasts eight days in advance. This weather forecast determines the price of the day ticket.

Depending on the weather forecast, various discount levels are granted on the regular price: the less favourable the weather forecast, the lower the price of the day ticket. The weather-dependent discount is also valid at weekends or during high season.

In any case, tickets must be booked in advance online via the mountain railways' website,, or via tipo ticketing, Upon completion of the online purchasing process, customers receive a voucher that can be redeemed for a valid day ski pass at the Belalp cable car counter.

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