Mund has a rich cultural life by tradition and offers something for everyone. For the people of Mund, the cultivation of customs and traditions is still an important part of village life. Secular, as well as religious customs and practices are being kept alive and practiced in Mund up to this day.


The Saffron Village Mund is traditionally a village with a variety of different associations.
Altogether five music clubs make various festivities in the Saffron Village livelier: from the New Year’s celebration, through the traditional Corpus Christi and Segensonntag festivities, to Christmas celebrations.

Apart from The Saffron Guild Mund, four other cultural associations shape the rich village life through supporting the preservation of our traditional Valais culture.
Four sports clubs are active in our village and charitable associations support the Valais village communities through various activities and traditions.


Agriculture is deeply rooted in the Saffron Village Mund. Today, you can still find traditional breeds of Valais Blacknose sheep, Blackneck goats and Herens cows on alpine pastures and in settlements. The original landscapes, such as the wild and romantic Gredetsch Valley, rustic Valaisian settlements and pastures invite you to relax.

An extensive network of traditional water courses (Suone, Chännel) are still being used as water supply for the terrains around Mund.

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