Witches’ Week 11 – 18 January 2020

„D’Häx isch los!“ – The Witch is loose! – When skiers swap their modern thermal wear for shrill costumes, and sunglasses make way for a fearsome mask, then it is time again: „D’Häx isch los! – the craziest downhill race of Switzerland is happening!”

During one week in January everything at the ski resort Blatten-Belalp revolves around the subject of witches. The Belalp-Hexe is a one-week event, which has its indisputable culmination on Saturday with the Belalp Witches’ Descent. During the week prior to the great Witches’ Descent, many other races take place, and visitors can enjoy a comprehensive supporting programme with the Witches’ Nights and the Hexen-Kinderfest.

The Belalp Hexe stems from an old Valais legend. According to this story, a witch was supposed to have haunted this region.  In memory of these past days, more than 30 years ago, the Belalp Witches’ Descent was brought to life.

Be there as well, and become enchanted by the mystical atmosphere on the Belalp.

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