Arriving by Public Transport

With the new "Lötschberger" excursion train, you can comfortably get to Brig on the mountain route via Bern. Sit back and marvel at the landscapes.

If you prefer to travel faster, we recommend the Intercity, which goes through the NEAT tunnel.

The current schedule and other information about travel and tours can be found at:

Train Trips

Explore, plan, sit back and enjoy. You can find convenient trips on our partner site: Experience the sensation of high altitudes on the new suspension bridge,  hike along the south ramp accompanied by the Lötschberger and the Valais hospitality, and relax at the Bammatta Waterpark afterwards. All experiences are easily accessible by train or by PostBus. You can discover more ideas for trips on the new excursion portal:, or  with Blatten-Belalp Tourism. Discover your holiday region! Enjoy it.

Arriving by Train

From Western Switzerland with SBB Lausanne - Brig

From Northwestern Switzerland with BLS Bern - Brig

From Eastern- and Central Switzerland: Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn to Brig

From Southern Switzerland (Centovalli) Italy (Milan): SBB Domodossola - Simplon - Brig

From Brig by bus to Blatten.

You can take the cable car from Blatten to the car-free Belalp

Train information

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