The Different Courses

Hexenkessel Blatten (21)

Green – entry-level section

Suitable for children from a height of 125 cm, accompanied by an adult. With 5 ziplines fun is guaranteed.
Duration: c. 30 – 40 Min.


Red – fun section

Requires some climbing skills and a good grip.
The reward: high level fun!
Duration: c. 40 – 60 Min.

Seilpark Blatten (6)

Brown – strength section

A combination of climbing skills, endurance and bravery.
Taking a short break between the red and brown courses will help you conquer this section and have a lot of fun.
Duration: c. 30 Min.

Hexenkessel Blatten bearb._v1

Blue – jump section

Embark on an adventure. A 20 m jump with a 6 m freefall is guaranteed to get your pulse racing.
Duration: c. 20 Min.

Black – spectacular section


For the daring. Enjoy a 200 m long zipline ride, soaring through the air. You will need skill and courage for the
Duration: c. 20 – 30 Min.

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