With millions of ratings that are made on a daily basis for individual companies like hotels, holiday apartments, etc., on countless platforms and in a variety of languages, it seems almost impossible to follow the flood of rating data, and to utilize it effectively for your business.  

For these reasons the Blatten-Belalp tourism organization has been using the TrustYou software solution since 2011. It makes it possible for the tourist office to analize ratings, comments, tweets in social media and on the internet. TrustYou develops semantic technologies to offer a simple, cheap and successful solution for tourism organizations.

For the Accommodation Provider

Convince your guests through trustworthy ratings and your own quality seal – the TrustScore™. The TrustScore™ is the only independent quality seal, that summarizes and reflects the opinions of customers globally.  

For Tourism Organisations

With TrustYou, you gain detailed insight into global consumer opinions, which reflect millions of comments from hundreds of online sources, like TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, Booking.com, Facebook, Google+, etc. in 20 different languages.

The Most Important Facts:

  • More bookings: ratings influence more than 83% of all online bookings.
  • 49% of guests do not consider hotels without ratings.
  • Higher rates: guests want to book the right hotel and are ready to pay a higher price for a hotel with better ratings.
  • More ratings, better scores: More than 80% of all ratings are positive!
  • Negative ratings give insight about quality gaps and room for improvement.
  • Higher web traffic: sites with integrated ratings/scores are visited 200% more often.
  • Increased trust: 93% of all users trust the ratings of their friends (as compared to 43% who trust advertisements).
  • Ratings on your own company website encourage customers to book directly there, instead of at a competitor.


More than 10 000 customers in over 60 countries are already taking advantage of the valuable and business oriented insights from TrustYou to improve and develop their services.

TrustYou Partner:

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