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Bike Skills Park Hexenland

The Skills Park is a paradise for mountain bikers and offers a variety of exciting trails and facilities for riders of all ages and riding levels.

The Skills Park is characterised by its varied and technically challenging trails, which have been specially designed for mountain bikers. From flowing single trails to splashy jumps and challenging rocky trails, the park offers a wide range of options to get your adrenaline pumping and improve your biking skills.

One of the highlights of the Skills Park are the various jumps and drops, which are suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike. These features allow bikers to test their skills in the air and learn new tricks.

Whether you are an experienced biker looking for new challenges or a beginner looking to improve your skills, the Skills Park at Belalp offers a unique and exciting biking experience. It's a place where you can test your limits, learn new tricks and have fun together with like-minded people.

Blatten-Belalp. Naturally beautiful. Simply magical.
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Welcome to the realm of Vero - the Häxuland

Here you can collect all the important riding ingredients to become a good mountain biker. At Vero, five different tests can be "ridden through" (green, blue, red, black and orange).
Those who can safely master the red level are ready for the trails Häxutrail (Route 157) and Nesselloop (Route 158)!

Please respect the Mountain Bike Code.


  1. Grüne Kräuter - Length: 170 m
    The easiest trail in Häxuland. Over easy flat and undulating meadow passages you can warm up and familiarise yourself with the mountain bike. Here you can collect the first ingredients for your mountain bike skills. The next challenges in Häxuland are already waiting!
  2. Im Tal der Steine - Länge: 80 m
    Vero was not very careful when practising with the magic wand and has set stones rolling, which you now have to skilfully ride around and over. The trail runs in two different lines between large rocks. In addition, you can test your riding skills on the "Rock Roller" on stony ground.
  3. Häxu Drops - Length: 40 m
    Whether larger stones on natural trails or built elements, you will find small and larger steps - so-called "drops" - on practically all trails. On the drop line you can practise these at different heights so that you are best prepared for these situations on the trail. Note the tips and tricks on the run-up ramp.
  4. Schlangenweg - Length: 220 m
    To get back to the start, you have to pedal up the six curves of the snake trail to the start. Behind the covered magic carpet, the big witches' broom awaits you.
  5. Abkürzung für Meisterschüler - Length: 35 m
    If you want to get back to the start faster and more directly, you can shorten the "Schlangenweg" twice. But it will be steeper and more technical!
  6. Das verhexte Nadelöhr - Length: 115 m
    Being able to move your rear wheel with the help of the front brake and an active torso movement is a must-have on many trails. The ever tighter curve turns help you to get used to such situations step by step.
  7. Der heimtückische Steingarten - Length: 90 m
    Stone fields (so-called Rock Garden) are a recurring feature on trails and add technical riding spice. With two different lines (red and black) you can practise rolling over rocks and line choice.
  8. Die magischen Häxu Jumps - Length: 160 m
    What would a Häxuland be without the opportunity to learn to fly? The mountain bike becomes your broom on the Häxu Jumps! On the left blue line, you can try your hand at jumping. The right red line offers a bit more air time. The jumps are also good for practising tricks and jumping transfers.
  9. Zauberfels - Length: 20 m
    The most difficult test awaits you at the fearsome magic rock. Only experts should dare to tackle this one. A steep wooden ramp leads you up. As soon as you reach the top, the descent is just as steep. Visit the magic rock before conquering it on your mountain bike.

    Häxutrail Bike
    Length: 6.9 km | Duration: 35 min
    Official route no. 158 of Mountainbikeland Schweiz.
    The Häxutrail leads through forests and over hill and dale from Belalp to Blatten. The varied route has been largely redesigned for biking.

    Nesselloop Bike
    Length: 11.5 km | Duration: 55 min

    Official route no. 157 of Mountainbikeland Schweiz.
    The Nesselloop leads from Belalp via Nesselalp to Birgisch and awaits biking enthusiasts with a fantastic panorama of the Valais mountains and an exciting route!


Levels of difficulty - International Trail Rating System (ITRS)
Beginner (green circle)
Very easy and clear trails. No obstacles.
Intermediate / Advanced (blue square)
Easy trails with various playful obstacles such as stone slabs, small jumps and rollable landings.
Advanced (red triangle)
Technical trails with roots and stones, steeper sections and jumps may occur.
Expert (black square)
More difficult trails with non-rollable heels, tight turns and bigger jumps.
Pro (orange double square)
Very difficult technical sections, technical and big jumps.

Advice and tricks

If you follow the following tips and tricks as a beginner, it will be easy for you to enter the world of Häxuland:
  • First gain the necessary confidence on the Grüne Kräuter Trail. 
  • Afterwards you can approach the next difficulty levels step by step (blue - red - black - orange).
  • Always ride downhill standing up
  • Keep the saddle all the way down
  • Use the front and rear brakes gently and evenly.
  • No sudden braking manoeuvres

Mountain bike codex on the Belalp

Not a normal playground
  • Use trails only with a mountain bike.
  • Please do not climb and gymnastics on the trails and obstacles
Protect yourself
  • Wear helmet, goggles, gloves and other protective equipment
  • Maintain your bike regularly
Stay on the trail
  • Do not take shortcuts
  • Ride the trails only in the indicated direction
Take care of the environment
  • Be considerate of animals and plants
  • Close fence passages
Leave no trace
  • Avoid blocked wheels
  • Take your rubbish with you
Know your limits
  • Drive with concentration and foresight
  • Adapt your speed to the situation and your ability


Open during the summer season
30.05. - 27.10.2024


Bike Skills Park Hexenland
3914 Belalp

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